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While my Polar Bear loves me and adores me, and while I cherish and love him back – I think I may have just found something to steal some of that love . . .

Tickle the Imagination is an online publication that is FREE [first hint of infidelity]
It’s Perth based – so it’s local(ish) [second hint of infidelity]
It’s about DIY weddings [third hint]
It has real DIY tips from REAL brides (and some grooms)
[Now you can see – I was always at real risk of cheating]

Thank you to Cool Chris from Pikmee Designs for the ‘heads up’ about Tickle the Imagination.

I’m in LOVE

Click on image to go straight to the online mag : )


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I was inspired by Amanda at Kind Over Matter and her 2011 Valentine’s Ideas.

I’ve reworked some of the ideas (simplified or tweaked) for this post,
but the original ideas are all awesome as well!

So easy to print and make . . . I may colour in those little hearts with a bit of bling 😉

Click here – Valentine CD Cover.ai to get a ‘Mixed Tape” blank CD Cover

NB – if you would like some personalised writing on the cover (instead of “You are my A side, Baby”),
ping me & I can send you a personalised version : )


In Amanda’s original post this cute label was used as a bottle label.
While it was gorgeous, I actually thought it was perfect for a label for my Polar Bear’s fave chocolate (fruit & nut – in case you were curious) or as a cover for a few drinking glasses with votive candles in them.

A little imagination and the Polar Bear gets his own brand of chocolate

Printed on to clear vellum, taped to a glass and a soy candle gently glowing ###

### I only ever use SOY candles now. Besides the environmental factor, soy candles don’t emit smoke, burn for longer, can be tinted with colour & scent and they glow! The glow from the melted soy is magical.
I get my candles from DiLights in Busselton. Not only are they local but they are also the most affordable!

Click here – Love is Sweet – Gift Tags.ai for the printable label for your own idea


Lastly, I just had to reproduce the Heart made from lovehearts.
I don’t care how cliched or naff it is!

Heart made from lovehearts as used as the banner for the original post at Kind Over Matter

Look at all the cute ways Lee from Strawberries & Champagne has used it in this post on Valentine’s Day.

Very romantic . . . and yummy!

Grey and orange hearts printed onto Marshmallow cardstock and then embellished with ribbon, stamped verse and some glitter modpodge

Click here – Love-heart Heart.ai for my free printable version [in shades of red]

It’s cute – especially as I made mine in shades of orange and grey
(cause I can and cause the Polar Bear and I like things to be different)

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