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You know how we depend on technology, and we love it?

We tweet, we blog, we text, we utube, we FB, we chat, we qwerty.

So what happens when that ability is taken from you?

Bloody chaos! That’s what happens.

For three full weeks, I have

* had my old iMac go into convulsions

* had to research and find funding for a new computer

* leased a new iMac + an iPad (with which I am doing this post)

* ordered a new mobile phone (the iPhone 4, no less)

* had to return my new iMac as it kept shutting down unexpectedly

* not been able to blog, online bank, check emails and chat on my forum.

Aaaaaaahh hhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

I find it terrifying that so much of our existence relies on technology . . .

. . .Because technology can really suck!

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Super Nervous

I have struggled so badly with this blog. Don’t get me wrong – I’m uber excited about having a blog to share the hundreds of ideas and projects that I have in my mind and my home, it’s just that I feel intimidated about;

  • where to start
  • what do I include
  • how detailed I should be
  • whether to create special items for the blog
  • how many links I share with other blogs
  • whether to just show items I’ve already made
  • etc.

And you know what? I’m thinking too much about it all. I just need to blab and blather like I do on my craft blog. I never get stuck for something to say there 🙂





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Despite . . .

the fractious beginnings of this blog, the status will improve. Here’s the pudding to prove it 🙂

My first post to begin the New Year (the first DIY blog) will be about a super-cute placecards for you to make.



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